Project Management and Administration

From Inception to Completion

Based across two offices in Fulham and Kingston, our talented team of production specialists, project managers and administrators are tasked to work closely with you, your architects and interior designers, to handle any order through to installation.

Installation Management

Distinction Contract also provides onsite project management during the installation phase to supervise your selected installer to ensure correct assembly and placement.

Cost Advantages

Combining the two experienced teams from Hong Kong and London, we provide you with the cost advantages of production in the Far East whilst ensuring all products are produced to European hotel contract standards and specifications.

Project Management Process

Distinction Contract offer a complete project management service from once the contract commences. Firstly, we issue detailed shop drawings of the products being manufactured for the client to sign and approve. In addition colour samples of the finishes are issued for client approval. During this process, our UK and Hong Kong Project management team, visit our factories in the Far East to start the process of manufacture.