Our Manufacturing Process

Distinction Contract has been producing and manufacturing all bespoke furniture for hotels in the Far East for the last 10 years. In 2004, Distinction Contract committed itself to develop a manufacturing base in the Far East with a Hong Kong office to support this. We have completed numerous large hotel projects to a very high standard with many repeat clients.

Production Process

Distinction Contract manufacture across various factories in China, using the right, specialist factory for each particular product that has to be made. The factories are located across the regions of Dong Guan, Foshan, and Shenzhen. With our Hong Kong team on the ground at these factories, they ensure thorough quality checks throughout the production process from start to finish, whilst making sure every detail is correct.


We also invite our clients to see the factories and often undertake pre-production, sample inspection meetings with them, before mass production takes place. This gives our clients the reassurance of the quality we produce but more importantly, they have already inspected and seen beforehand what is going to be delivered to their hotel. If also required, we can manufacture a sample room, which is charged at twice the contract cost, but 50% is credited back if the client proceeds with the main contract order.

Quality Control

Our Dongguan office is experienced in carrying out detailed, quality control to our exacting European standards. This office also coordinates all the shipping and logistics, to ensure all projects arrive correctly packaged, quality controlled, on time, and according to hotel installation schedule.